Cuckoo Clock | Train station | 8 Day Movement

Product information "Cuckoo Clock | Train station | 8 Day Movement"

The train station clock, with its iconic roof and railway tracks outlining the edges, is one of our most traditional style cuckoo clocks. The story starts around 1860 when the first trains were brought to the Black Forest during the Industrial Revolution. Around that time, a competition for a new cuckoo clock design took place. This clock, designed by a railway engineer, was the winner of that competition. It was a breaking point towards the cuckoo clock we know today. 
Features: Low-pitched cuckoo sound, chimes once on the half an hour and varyingly on the full hour, depending on the hour (i.e. 7 o´clock – 7 times)
Clock Movement : SBS-Feintechnik Germany
Color: Beidge, Black, Brown
Height: 43cm (17 inch)
Length: 32cm (12.5 inch)
Made in: Germany
Manufacturer : Hönes
Material: Cast Iron, Stainless steel, Wood
Moving Parts: Cuckoo, Pendulum
Night-off Switch: Manual
Weight: 5kg (11 lb)
Width : 15.5cm (6.10 inch)
Winding Time: 8 Days

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