Cuckoo Clock | Black Forest Heidi House | Battery

Product information "Cuckoo Clock | Black Forest Heidi House | Battery"

This small and sweet cuckoo clock is a great souvenir for those wanting to take something of the Black Forest back home. This colorful clock design is based on "Heidi" story line, with main characters (Heidi, Peter, Grandfather, and animals) in front of a light mountain house.

Clock Movement : Quartz
Color: Beidge, Black, Brown, Green
Height: 22cm (8.66 inch)
Length: 14.5cm (5.7 inch)
Made in: Germany
Manufacturer : Trenkle
Material: Stainless steel, Wood
Motif: Black Forest, Heidi Story
Moving Parts: Cuckoo, Pendulum
Music: Bacarolle, Clementine, Edelweiss, For Elise, Happy Wanderer, I don't know what it's supposed to mean, Mill in the Black Forest, Music Box Dancer, Muss i denn zum... (German soldier song), Oh My Dad, Que Sera, Zhivago Lara´s Theme
Night-off Switch: Light Sensor (Automatic)
Weight: 1.1kg (2.42 lb)
Width : 22cm (8.66 inch)
Winding Time: Battery / Automated

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